Last weekend on our way to the movies, my mother-in-law, Pat, told me about making six receiving blankets for a multiple baby shower hosted by a local counseling center and church. I asked her if they were easy to make and she said it was super easy and only took her about 30 minutes to make one. I wanted to learn how since two friends are due soon and thought I could make one for them. 

I headed over to her house one day after work - she has the sewing machine. On a side note, this sewing machine is AWESOME! I must be stuck in the old days of threading the machine by hand, manually lifting and putting down the foot and cutting my thread with scissors. This machine did it all with a push of a button! 

Pat had already precut the fabric to 44”x 34” but you can make whatever size you like. She recommends flannel for receiving blankets as it is easy to sew and it is super soft. For this blanket we used flannel for one side and the other side is a gauze fabric, kind of like cheese cloth. The gauze fabric was really hard to work with because it kept changing shape. Pat instructed me to place the right sides together and even up the corners. Using the presser foot as my guide, I sewed three sides. When I came to the last side, Pat instructed me to sew to about the center in one direction and the same for the other direction but to leave an opening so that I can flip the blanket inside out. 

After flipping out the blanket so that the good sides show, Pat instructed me to use a pencil point to poke out the corners. Anything pointy would work. Once this task was complete, I was instructed to press the blanket and make sure that the edges of the hole were tucked before pressing in and were even with the other sewn areas. I was then told to sew a top stitch border on the edge of the whole blanket. Once my top stitch was complete, my blanket was done. 

I thought this blanket turned out well for my first. I’m excited to make other ones for my expectant friends. I might even make one for my mom and her fur baby. 

As always, happy crafting!

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