The best outdoor entertainment seasons are finally here!! What better way to entertain than by making your own mosaic serving tray and impress your guests? 

Mosaics are artwork made from assembling small pieces of colored glass, tiles, stones and other materials. They have been made for ages to decorate floors and walls. The same principle of creating a mosaic on a wall can be used for smaller projects – like an outdoor stepping-stone or a serving tray.

Pat King – crafter extraordinaire – always has some project going on in her craft room. Whether it is making a lap quilt, jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or a placemat table runner, she is always up to crafty business working on something for a friend, family member, or her church. She wanted to feature this craft that she did a couple years ago, when she decided to take a class at a local craft store out of sheer boredom. She found it extremely relaxing for the simple fact that you can’t do anything wrong.  

The following is how Pat created her mosaic serving tray:

She painted the outside of the tray with her base color, which was a dark green, and let that dry. (You would not need to paint the bottom, since you will be filling that in with glass and grout) She followed that with the crackle paint. After the crackle paint was dry, Pat glued down the glass pieces in the pattern she wanted on the bottom of the tray. When the glue was dry, she grouted in between the spaces. Pat then wiped the grout with a damp sponge until the glass showed through and looked clean. After drying, it was ready to use.

Once your mosaic tray is done, invite your friends over for a drink of their choice and serve them on your new, beautifully made mosaic tray. 

As always, happy crafting!!

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