LSU offers local freshmen $3,000 to live at home

Published 10:45 am Monday, July 8, 2024

Incoming freshman with home addresses within 30 minutes of the LSU’s Baton Rouge campus now have the option to stay at home this semester instead of living on campus and will get paid to do it.

“We’ve offered some of our local students here the opportunity to commute for the fall semester. And, we’ve incentivized that with the $3,000 incentive. Part of that is, we are doing occupancy management,” LSU Residential Life Executive Director Peter Trentacoste said.

Trentacoste tells WAFB-TV that more students are interested in living on campus this year than anticipated.

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“We kind of looked at cancellations, we realized, ‘Wow they’re not coming in as fast as we’d like. That’s a little bit higher than normal in terms of the interest’,” he said.

The incentive is opening up spots for out-of-state students like Cole Costello from Dallas who recently got his dorm assignment.

“When I got the email about there was limited space with dorms, it was kind of that feeling of OK what’s next. So I was thankful that I was able to get a dorm. But I think for a lot of students, it’s a very troubling email,” Costello said.

Costello’s father, John Costello, said he is concerned that students who opt out of living in a dorm will not get the same opportunities and experiences as those who live on campus.

“Having the $3,000 option is great, as long as I think there is still that option for kids to feel like they’re still included on campus and don’t miss out on those campus activities. I think that’s critical first year,” John Costello said.

Trentacoste said once they reach a certain amount of applicants, they will close the incentive program offer.

He did not disclose what the number is.