Entergy trimming trees in Lake Charles

Published 7:59 am Saturday, July 6, 2024

Entergy will be topping and  trimming tree branches in the Lake Area  beginning Monday, July 8,

The electric utility company has assured the city that they will take precautions while performing this work, and the contractors will remove all trimming and debris resulting from these preventative trims, according to a news release from the city of Lake Charles.

“Most of the residents along the feeder line in this trim cycle have been contacted ahead of time by phone,” said Lorena Ceaser, Entergy.

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The feeder line is the electric line that runs parallel to the street from pole to pole.      

The work was not scheduled because of hurricane season or recent weather events. Different areas are trimmed every five to seven years as a part of Entergy’s regular maintenance schedule. Nevertheless, it could prevent outages from severe winds and assist with restoration times should outages occur due to weather events.

Crews won’t have Entergy trucks because the service is contracted.      

Work will be happening as far north as a portion of Beldon, and as far south as 4rth St. A tiny portion of Bilbo at Beldon will be trimmed, but most of the work is happening between Moss Street and S. First Avenue in Lake Charles.

This work does not require a planned outage, so we do not foresee a loss of power, Caesar said. The plan is just to trim branches away from primary lines to prevent future outages, unless the vegetation crew identifies dead trees that could cause an outage. In that case, the dead tree will be removed.