Westlake approves plan to allow golf carts on streets

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, June 26, 2024

At its Monday meeting, the Westlake City Council approved a plan that will allow licensed and insured golf cart owners to soon travel Westlake’s streets. The Westlake City Council will also be introducing a plan at its July meeting to help curb door-to-door solicitation.

Behind the scenes, the city is taking first steps in a process that will eventually ensure water lines and drinking water meet new federally-mandated standards.

Don’t hit the streets yet, licensed and insured golf cart drivers. Final approval is at least a month away. Carts will not be allowed to travel on state highways, only cross at designated locations. Police Chief Chris Wilrye and Councilmen Kenny Brown and Jeremy Cryer will be finalizing safety, details of the required sticker, maximum speeds and other regulations for the Council’s July meeting, and the city will be responsible for getting the signage up to mark crossings. Westlake Mayor Hal McMillin said State Rep. Brett Geymann was instrumental in introducing the necessary legislation.

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The mayor and council are also looking at ways to govern door-to-door solicitation. McMillin said it can’t be completely stopped.

However, guidelines can apply to make sure solicitors have the proper identification and approvals. Plus, solicitors will only be allowed to go door-to-door during certain hours. (School-aged children raising money for sports and other school activities will not be subject to the same restrictions.)

Water lines and loan

Due to a federal law that seeks to limit lead and copper allowed in drinking water thus in service lines in communities all over the country, the Council approved a resolution Monday that will authorize a study and application for a state loan to be used to identify and replace any lead and copper service lines (Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures and solder.)

At last week’s planning meeting, Council suggested no increase in pricing of water or utilities despite rising consumer price index because of current “tough times” for all, according to McMillin.

In other business, the condemnation and demolition of the following addresses was approved: 1929 Janelle Lane; 1400 McKinley St.; and 10071/2 Hickman St.

Not exactly business, but newsworthy

Westlake Fire Chief Jonathan Duff, a LIttle League volunteer,  announced the Westlake Little League 9- and 10-year-old girls “punched their ticket to state by taking out Sulphur and Lake Charles last week.”

In his council report, Jalen Bush, Max Restaurant director, promoted Max’s Wednesday Bingo nights that include prizes for winning diners. Austin Stewart, director of golf operations announced that free clinics were attended by about 40 youth this month and last.