Bryan Clontz to speak at Community Foundation continuing education seminar

Published 8:24 am Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana is known for connecting philanthropists to the causes that matter most – and making the most efficient use of their funds here in this region.

On Friday, Sept. 22, the Foundation will connect attorneys, accountants and financial professionals for a Continuing Education Seminar. Bryan K. Clontz, PhD, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CAP, AEP, RICP, CBP, ChSNC will present The Top Charitable Trends and Creative Charitable Planning with Noncash Assets at L’Auberge Casino Resort, 8 a.m. – noon.

“Bryan Clontz, who really does have that many initials behind his name, is a nationally acclaimed speaker and author,” said Sara Judson, CEO, Community Foundation of SWLA, “and we had such a positive feedback in 2018 and 2021, we are excited to bring him back again this year.”

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Learning about strategies that will increase the impact of their clients’ charitable giving and reduce their clients’ taxable income, is sure to be a win-win for all except perhaps Uncle Sam.

“A way to think about the  Community Foundation is as an investment house for doing good,” said Judson. “Philanthropists open tax-free charitable accounts with us; we invest their assets for moderate-risk growth and grants from the funds are made to nonprofits.”

“The more professional advisors know about charitable giving strategies that benefit them from a tax perspective, the more charitable dollars their clients have to support nonprofits and causes important to them and our region,” said John Hixson, local certified financial planner and Foundation Investment Committee representative.

Some of the tips help a range of income earners. Hixson pointed out that taxpayers who find themselves on the margin between taking the standard deduction or taking the itemized deduction could maximize their tax benefit by “bunching” two years of charitable contributions into one year, itemizing deductions that year and taking the standard deduction the next year.

“That way, the client keeps more in their pocket,” he said. “You’d be surprised by the number of people who don’t know about this simple strategy.”

The Continuing Education Seminar is a way to help educate more professionals who can help their clients wisely steward their giving.

“Five or 10 years ago, you didn’t hear much about Donor Advised Accounts, which is like having your own foundation but without the fees and complexities,” Hixson said.

It’s very popular, primarily because of the tax advantages. The fund is created. The donor makes a tax deductible donation. The donation is grown tax-free and grants are written to the donor’s charity of choice.

The Keep Your Broker Fund allows givers to create a Donor Advised Fund – or other charitable fund – with a charitable donation of $250,000 or more, and then keep that will their own broker.

“Another way to give strategically is through the gift of non-cash assets such as stock,” Hixson said. “Let’s say someone purchased a stock years ago and it’s grown in value to $10,000. Giving in this way is attractive because they can give the $10,000 and never have to pay taxes on that gain. You do have to know what you’re doing to get it done right.”

This Community Foundation course offers an approved CE of 3.5 hours for CFPs and CPE documentation for CPAswill be provided. It also offers 3.5 approved CLEs for attorneys, 3.5 hours estate planning specialization credit for attorneys and 3.5 hours tax law specialization credit for attorneys. The fee is $75. Register online at