‘Clean Start’ Initiative brings relief to Sulphur’s homeless population

Published 8:40 am Saturday, September 2, 2023

Looking for something to be grateful for? How about hot and cold running water at the turn of a handle, the start-the-day fresh morning shower, a toilet that flushes, the convenience of the modern day washer and dryer and plumbing in good working order.

Now, some of the homeless population in Sulphur can enjoy these conveniences that some may take for granted thanks to the Sulphur Christian Community Coalition’s “Clean Start” Initiative and a $20,000 donation from Tellurian.

“With Tellurian’s generous support, we can increase our capacity to serve Sulphur’s homeless community,” said Paula Taylor, executive director of SC3. “We hope to restore dignity to our unsheltered neighbors and encourage and equip them to move from homelessness to home sweet home.”

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The timing of the new facilities is especially fortunate given the current high temperatures. It is anticipated that the facilities could see as many as 40 clients per week. SC3 will also distribute hygiene items, and is serving breakfast for free until certain grant monies run out. SC3 staffers help each visitor set goals, even the smallest, for instance, getting an ID which Taylor said even the homeless must have.

Taylor said she is not sure of the exact number of homeless in Sulphur, but the facilities were already a stopping point for homeless in the neighborhood. She is seeing progress and remains hopeful for more of these modern day miracles, homeless individuals moving into housing or recovery/rehab centers.

“One woman living in her car got a job after a month, a good job, and moved into transitional housing. Now she is trying to get her own place.”

SC3 is a non-profit organization with the mission to mobilize the compassionate to build authentic relationships and restore community through comprehensive empowerment programming and economic development that preserves dignity and ignites hope. SC3 is committed to breaking the multi-generational cycle of poverty and building a community where every child and adult will lead a healthy and purposeful life in a safe and vibrant neighborhood.

“We’re commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves,” Taylor said. “So that’s what we do.

 For more information call 337.287.0483 or visit sulphurccc.org.