10 Things To Do With Old Newspapers And Newspaper End Rolls.

Published 1:35 pm Friday, July 7, 2023

Don’t Throw It Away!

Reusing the newspaper that is delivered to you is easy. Don’t throw it away! Below are some tips and tricks to reusing old papers and newspaper end rolls.



Using old newspapers are a great way to kill weeds and cut down on your weeding. Cover the bare ground with newspaper and then cover the newspaper with hay. Make sure to water thoroughly and soak the newspaper so it doesn’t blow away.

Paper Maché:

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There are lots of ways to make paper maché but the easiest is using flour, water and some Elmer’s glue. Make your mixture very “soupy” and tear strips of newspaper and dip them in your mixture. Apply the moist newspaper strips to a balloon or other object to form your desired design. After the newspaper is dry, you can pop the balloon and paint your paper maché creation!

Packing Material For Dishes/Breakables:

Using old newspaper as packing material has been around for a long time; just about as long as the newspaper itself! To make sure you don’t get ink on your hands and valuables while packing, use the newspaper end rolls. The end rolls are what is left from the giant roll of paper after the last run of the day. These give you plenty of packing material and you don’t get inky.

Crafting/Art Projects:

Old newspapers work great to cover your table while painting or doing other crafty things.

Table covering for crawfish or crabs:

Speaking of covering your table….who can forget the best cover for your table when you’re eating crawfish or crabs?

Lining Animal/Bird Cages:

Old newspapers make the best lining for bird cages or other pet living areas. Make sure you line your bird cages with the important information. It’ll make your birds smarter.


Another thing for the DIYer in your life. A DIY message board. Use one of our end rolls to create your own message board to spread kind words and important information.


Old newspapers and newspaper end rolls are perfect for homeschool projects and learning.

Banner Decorations:

Welcome Home! Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! These are some of the sentiments that can be used to create a banner to surprise a loved one.


DIY Gift Wrapping:

Last and certainly not least….you can make your own wrapping paper from newspaper end rolls, twine, and a stamp or two. If you want to be retro, use the comics section to wrap your next gift; the recipient will love it!!