Model cars, plans and automobiles — find them all at S.W.A.M.P model show Saturday

Published 12:16 pm Friday, May 19, 2023

Remember when model making was a popular hobby? Lester Robertson and model hobbyists from throughout the region will be at West Cal Event Center in Sulphur, Saturday, May 20, 9 a.m. – 3:30 with a reminder.

“This museum-quality to-scale model display is open to anyone who enjoys building models and/or looking at them,” said Robertson. General admission is free.

Model makers are encouraged to bring what they have to add to the show. Kits, including the hard-to-find kits from years past to the latest releases from manufacturers, plus model-making items will be available for purchase. Robertson said pointers, tips and quick history lessons are available for free. That means viewers can not only find out about the making of a British Tank used near the end of World War I, but about WWI.  They can see what kind of car grandpa drove in the mid-1960s and what kind of Russian tanks have been used in the invasion of Ukraine.

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In addition to the 400 automobiles, ships, tanks and planes that will be displayed, this event represents the largest hobby shop to be found in the state with 40 vendors.

“I like to call our show, “History in Miniature,” Robertson said. “We’ll have the old along with the new and even models of what’s to come, based on the hobbyists’ imagination of what the future will bring.”

This year’s theme is, “The Roaring ‘20s,” according to Robertson. “Models in this show will come from every era, but If it flew, walked, drove, swam or sailed in the ‘20s, it’s eligible for a special theme award.” Adults 18 and over entering models to compete pay $10 for the first model and $1 per entry thereafter. Teens pay $5. Preteens may enter for free.