Youth create postcards to send to space aboard Blue Origin rocket

Published 4:41 pm Friday, March 17, 2023

Youth in Welsh are giving a new meaning to “Wish you were here.”

The youth are being invited by the McBurney Memorial Library to create postcards to send to space aboard a future Blue Origin rocket.

“Jeff Bezos is sending rockets into space and having people send cards and letters to go to space and back,” Assistant Library Manager Sarah Mabry said.

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The private spaceflight company will fly the postcards to space and back on a future launch as part of a letters to space project, Mabry said. The postcards will be returned to the youth as a special keepsake marked with a ‘Flown to Space’ stamp.

Mabry hopes the project will get the youth thinking more about their future and the importance of space and space research.

“Hopefully this will move them to be more aware of space and what it has to offer,” she said, nothing that new technology is making it easier for people to see what is going on in space. “When I was a kid the only way to look at space was with a telescope. Now we have all kinds of ways to see it.”

Youth visiting the library can write or draw colorful pictures of their vision of what they think the future of life in space will be like or any other message they want to send to space or to an astronaut, she said.

Beau Benoit, 8, jumped at the chance to create his own postcard to send to space.

‘“I want to see what it feels like to be on the moon and learn about the moon,” Benoit said, as he drew a rocket ship on his postcard.

Six-year-old Sawyer Thompson wants to be an astronaut so that he can go to Mars.

“I want to learn knowledge about new things,” Thompson said when asked why the earth needs space.

Thompson postcard depicted the earth surrounded by a spaceship, a star, the sun and Mars.

“I think we need to explore and learn more about space,” Thompson’s mother, Jade, said as she drew a space shuttle on her postcard.

The letters to space project will continue throughout March at the McBurney Memorial Library, 301 South Sarah Street, in Welsh. Youth can draw a picture or write a message on the postcards.

The postcards and stamps are provided by the library.

The postcards will be mailed to in April. Mabry expects the youth to get their postcards back within a year.