Kozubski: I’m so lucky to have such a fun job 

Published 3:58 pm Friday, February 18, 2022

Catherine Kozubski, a seventh-grade science teacher at Maplewood Middle School, found her calling in an unexpected way. A psychology graduate from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, she first took a job working at a rehabilitation facility for children with disabilities.

“I was in the behavior department and autism classroom. That’s where I found my true joy and passion for teaching.”

While she said she somewhat “fell into the path” of education, the destination was not all together a surprise, she said. “My dad always told me I’d make a great teacher but I didn’t believe him at first.”

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The joy of teaching led her to pursue her masters degree in teaching where she continued the career upon moving to Southwest Louisiana in 2020.

At the start of her career six years ago, Kozubski credited two former co-workers, Caroline Smith and Chelsey Turner, as influential mentors. “They both just really encouraged, prayed and believed in me even at times when I didn’t believe in myself,” she said.

“They had the best teacher tips and resources and provided me with confidence as a new teacher.”

Kozubski recalled her first day on the job as “very excited but nervous” and the excitement still continues today, she said. “Getting to hang out with the students and share my passion of science and learning is the best…Sometimes I just get lost in thought about how lucky I am to have such a fun job.”

While the profession has its share of “financial and political issues” that are out of the individual teacher’s control, Kozubski said the kind of people who are attracted to the classroom can make the best of it.

“Teachers are truly just the most flexible people that I know. We just kind of roll with it all.”

A strong love for the job and an even stronger love for her students is a legacy she hopes to leave behind, she said. “My true hope is that my students will know and can see how much I care about them—that they will always remember that I truly want to help them succeed.”

In her off time, Kozubski enjoys CrossFit, reading and spending time with her fiancé Devin and their cat Purcy.