Volunteer of Week: Stanford dedicates life to city

Published 8:35 pm Monday, September 20, 2021

DeRidder Police officer Joshua Stanford made the move to return to serve his hometown community over the summer, leaving behind a career with Louisiana State Police.

Stanford has more than 15 years of law enforcement experience. He began his career in 2005, saying he wanted to “make a difference in the community through crime prevention.”

He said he found the work rewarding, and took right away to the feeling that he was able to make a positive impact through his efforts.

He went on to dedicate 13 years serving with the DeRidder Police Department before taking the leap to serve with LSP, but after two years, Stanford said he felt a calling to return to his roots.

“I’m thankful for my time with the State Police and all of my experiences there, but my desire to contribute at the local level was the deciding factor (to return),” Stanford stated.

In his years first serving with the DeRidder Police Department, Stanford worked in the detectives division, and before stepping away he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

During his career he served under many leaders, and he said the current leadership at DPD and the city of DeRidder also played a large role in his ultimate decision to return.

“Mayor Misty Clanton, Police Chief Craig Richard, Deputy Chief Darren Hall and the members of the agency that work hard. They care about this community. They’ve dedicated their lives to this city and have made a difference. I wanted to come play a small part on a dynamic team of elected and appointed officials, and I thank them for their trust in me,” Stanford stated.

Both Chief Richard and Mayor Clanton welcomed Stanford back with open arms.

“We are pleased to add his knowledge and experience to our standing department of men and women,” Clanton said.