Students born after 9/11 pay tribute on 20th anniversary

Published 8:44 pm Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Young Republicans Club at Sam Houston High School honored the victims of Sept. 11 on Saturday by holding signs in front of the school reminding drivers of the day. Lyndsey Young, club vice chair, said the club has honored the day every year for the past 20 years.

“We might not have been around on that day, but to the people who were driving, they remember. We’re letting the public know that we won’t forget even though we weren’t here and we feel it is an opportunity to fulfill our civic duty as Americans by commemorating 9/11.”

While the club members were not alive on the day of Sept. 11, 2021, Young said school history units and anecdotes from older people keep the tragedy relevant. Recently, she was particularly surprised, however, by one peer’s misunderstanding of the day.

“A lot of teachers take the day to watch videos and teach about 9/11. But I did hear one person in the hall who said, ‘I could’ve sworn that only one tower fell.’ So, you can definitely tell that we weren’t alive then,’ ” she laughing.

“I personally love listening to other people’s stories of what they were doing on that day because it’s important to further that knowledge in the next generation.”

The recent turmoil in Afghanistan also brings relevance to 9/11 for the current generation, she said.

“Whatever you think about it, we need to show our patriotism. We always hear the stories that 9/11 united us a country and I think our generation, especially, sees the current divisiveness. So, anyway we can portray that unity again, it would be helpful.”

Twenty-eight club members attended the event on Saturday. Drivers slowed down to read the signs, take photos, wave, smile and first responders turned on their lights and sirens to acknowledge the day, Young said.

“To see people slow down and read every word of the sign was really cool. Once their brain clicked with what they read, their smile lit up and it was instantly gratifying.”