DeRidder council to consider nearly $15,000 pay raise for mayor

Published 9:28 pm Saturday, August 21, 2021

The DeRidder City Council will vote on Monday whether to introduce an ordinance that would give the city’s mayor a 20 percent pay raise next year.

If accepted on Monday, a public hearing to approve the motion will be held Sept. 13

According to the ordinance, the raise would bring the mayor’s salary up from its existing $74,649.74 to $89,579.68.

It would become effective next year, after the mayoral election set for March. Per the city’s charter, such a raise must be requested six months prior to an election along with the projected new operating budget.

Mayor Misty Clanton said that while she had mixed feelings about asking for the pay increase, she said she ultimately did so because she believes it would have a positive effect on all city employees as part of an effort to increase pay city-wide.

“This is about keeping our city competitive with pay levels and retaining good employees,” Clanton said.

“I understand and respect others before me who chose not to do this, but I do believe it will benefit our city. I want to see our city employment opportunities become more competitive with pay, and I want to increase pay across the board.”

Clanton told the American Press she intends to release a new pay scale for employees in the near future that would reflect an increase to minimum pay.

The last pay raise for the city’s mayor was in 2015 under Mayor Ron Roberts.

In July last year, a motion to increase the pay for city council members from $600 to $1,000 failed to receive support from the full panel.