‘American Pickers’ headed to Beauregard Parish

Published 11:27 am Saturday, March 2, 2013

The American Pickers will soon travel the back roads of Beauregard Parish to look for their coveted “rusty gold.”

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the two pickers from the popular History Channel series, will make a stop in Beauregard Parish sometime in April looking for antiques and collectibles.

“We’re looking for amazing things buried in people’s garages and barns. What most people see as junk, we see as dollar signs. We’ll buy anything we think we can make a buck on. Each item we pick has a history all its own. We make a living telling the history of America — one piece at a time,” they say in the opening sequence of each show.

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According to Heather DiRubba, the History Channel’s publicity director, some of the vintage or antique items Wolfe and Fritz are on the lookout for include motorcycles and motorcycle memorabilia, bicycles from late 1800s to 1960s, toys (tin, cast iron or wind-up), tabletop or transistor radios; motor scooters (Vespa, Lambretta or Cushman), advertising signs and vending machines from the 1950s and earlier.

They are also looking for pinball machines, casino (gambling or slot) machines and tables, classic movie posters or memorabilia, pre-1960s TV merchandise, pre-1950s Western or equestrian items, rodeo items, airline collectibles, BB or cap guns, military items from the 1970s or earlier, police officer and firefighter items, pre-1940s telephones and Civil War pieces.

The pair is also interested in musical instruments, election or sports memorabilia, vintage gas pumps and neon signs.

DiRubba said in an email that there are no solid filming dates or locations set yet for the Beauregard visit.

If you have any of the above items that you’d like to share with the show, make sure to email a description of the items to americanpickers@cineflix.com.””

(History Channel / Special to the American Press)