B&O Kitchen and Grocery Now Open

Published 5:16 pm Monday, September 19, 2011

Down the road from my house, plus a turn, is

B&O Kitchen and Grocery.

Even little ears in the backseat know they’re there when the crunch of gravel makes music with the tires.

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It’s a small gray building where they serve Cajun eggrolls, beef jerky, sausage, tasso, hog head cheese, boudin balls, boudin links, boudin burgers, specialty meats, Louisiana’s best Cajun cracklin’s (no doubt about it, I’ve tried them—yum!), and…oh, yeah…Community coffee.

Owner Jeff Benoit was featured on

Louisiana’s Boudin Trial

a few years back and most recently in the October issue of

“Cooking with Paula”


Gotta love a woman who looks for “small town inspiration” and finds it right down the road from one’s house.

This generational family store withstood a lot this past year, the latest being a fire that  flamed the interior and smoked out the business. They have rebuild, restocked, and reinvented themselves. They are open in time for deer season. That’s good to know in Sportman’s Paradise.

It’s good to know that in Louisiana there are still Mom & Pop stores were people make their own and serve their own, where big business doesn’t overshadow the counterspace between the customer and the proprietor, where family works elbow-to-elbow, and where the owner attends church with you down the road.

There’s something homegood in this.

A cup full of Louisiana hospitality. That’s what it is.

So homegood…

Won’t you visit them? I wouldn’t invite you anywhere I didn’t smell authentic Louisiana in the air. Today their cup of hospitality was opened, scooped, and brewed. The doors opened wide to welcome new friends as well as old faithfuls. They are open Monday-Friday, 6 in the morning to 6 at night.

Come out and get cha’ some…from sun-up to dawn.

B&O Kitchen and Grocery, 3011 E Burton, Sulphur, La 70663, 337-625-4637

“A family owned and operated business that specializes in Cajun Foods found in Southern Louisiana. The business has been handed down from father to son for three generations.”

The only thing smokin’ here now is the smokehouse.B-O-Kitchen-and-Grocery