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Todd Miller holds his new son, Liam Nathan, who was born June 13. Miller said it was exciting to hold Liam for the first time.

Todd Miller holds his new son, Liam Nathan, who was born June 13. Miller said it was exciting to hold Liam for the first time. "I held him tight to make sure I didn't drop him," he said. (Rick Hickman / American Press)

First Father's Day: Dry Creek family welcomes first child

Last Modified: Monday, June 16, 2014 1:50 PM

By Warren Arceneaux / American Press

The worry and waiting is finally over for Dry Creek’s Todd Miller, who welcomed son Liam Nathan into the world Friday morning.

Miller and wife Amber are first-time parents. Todd said the birth ended an emotional roller coaster ride.

“It has been exciting, hectic and scary all rolled into one,” he said about the pregnancy.

“Amber told me she was pregnant, then we went to do the ultrasound and got the confirmation. That was exciting and horrifying at the same time.

“I was wondering if it was going to be a boy or girl, and twins run in Amber’s family so we were wondering if we were going to have one baby or two.”

After getting the news, Todd and Amber have stayed busy getting the house ready for Liam.

“We’ve been getting the baby’s room all together, getting bottles and clothes, beds and blankets,” Todd said. “We went to a few classes and I have been pretty much taking care of Amber besides that. We have gotten a lot of advice from friends and family. The best advice I got was to try to relax and try to keep Amber relaxed. Relaxing has been the hardest part.

“We have been on edge until to the day. When he came out, it was relaxing almost because we knew that part of it was over.

“He was crying and fussing so we knew everything was alright and Amber was OK. It was exciting holding him for the first time: I held him tight to make sure I didn’t drop him.”

Todd said he is looking forward to the simple pleasures of being a father.

“First thing I want to do is get him home,” he said. “Then when he gets home I want to see those first steps, hear him start talking, take him outside to play. Things like that are what I am looking forward to. It feels great to be a father, I’m excited, I’m happy.”

Todd said he had a good relationship with his own dad, Bill.

“He spent a lot of time with me,” he said. “We fished, hunted together, worked on old cars and trucks. That was a lot of fun. I remembered the way he did things and tried to do them the same way. He was always pretty level-headed, giving and kind-hearted. I have been trying to be more level-headed, I am working on that. We have some of the same ways, but we are pretty different. I think as I have been getting older I have been headed towards being more like him.”

Todd said he knows Amber will be a great mother.

“She loves kids, that is the big thing,” he said. “She has always been kind-hearted, willing to help people and take care of people when she can. She won’t have a problem at all.”

Posted By: Mike Gallien On: 6/16/2014

Title: Todd will be a great Dad

I'm Todd's first cousin and I can assure you he will be a great Dad. He had a great example in my uncle and his dad Bill Miller, as well as many other great male role models in our family. Todd will love and nurture Liam and Liam will grow to love him as much as Todd loved his Dad.

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