'Fear the Walking Dead' introduces new cast member

SAN DIEGO -- The newest cast member of "The Walking Dead" spin-off was introduced to the zombie drama franchise in an overwhelming way.

Danay Garcia told the crowd during the "Fear the Walking Dead" panel Friday at San Diego Comic-Con International that she arrived for her first day on the Mexican set during lunch and was greeted by hordes of zombified extras chowing down.

Hackett's remains a regional favorite

Remember the old Sunny Delight commercials where the kids run home and dig through the refrigerator looking for something to drink? Containers of orange juice, soda, and some kind of purple drink all get pushed aside for a bright-colored bottle of Sunny Delight.

Granted, the commercial didn’t appeal to everybody. After playing in sweltering 90-degree afternoon heat with friends, I’m sure some people would have opted for ice water. You know, something a little more subdued. Still, the commercial must have worked well because roughly 20 years later, I’m still talking about it.

Two new exhibits open at Historic City Hall Arts and Cultural Center

Two new exhibitions are on display at Historic City Hall to intrigue and perplex the mind from now until Oct. 1: “Modern Twist: Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art” and “Small Worlds.”

“Modern Twist” features 38 pieces of work created by 17 different artists to showcase the craftsmanship of the art of bamboo.

Tupper Museum seeking Jennings High memorabilia

JENNINGS — The Tupper Museum is seeking Jennings High School memorabilia for “Bulldog Palooza,” an upcoming exhibit.

The exhibit, which will open in August, will showcase all things Jennings High, including pep squad, majorettes, band, cheerleaders and team uniforms. The museum is seeking letterman jackets, sweaters, photos, trophies and anything else that represents the school.

Kat Von D cuts ties with makeup artist Jeffree Star

Tattoo artist and reality show star Kat Von D has cut business ties with makeup artist Jeffree Star.

In a YouTube video , Von D says she's ended her business relationship with Star because he refused to pay for logos designed by a mutual friend and used on Star's products.