Edwards is governor; bank on it

Some Republicans and conservative political writers are having a difficult time accepting the fact Louisiana is going to have a Democratic governor for the next four years. However, in a republic voters have the last word and they have spoken.

Who is the real John Bel Edwards?

Louisiana voters never got to know a lot about Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards during the gubernatorial campaign. It is because they were bombarded instead with unflattering photographs, malicious and erroneous charges and futile attempts to make him

New governor has big problems

Perhaps it is fitting that the administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal is ending its reign pretty much the way it has conducted business for the last eight years. Another mid-year budget shortfall has surfaced, and the powers that be are handling it

Spirited campaign almost over

One of the most acrimonious political campaigns in Louisiana history comes to a close Saturday, and it isn’t

Can Edwards hold on to lead?

The gubernatorial campaign of Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards appears to be picking up steam