Superdome reopening historic


(Reprinted from Sept. 28, 2006)

Will TV spots make difference?

What do voters know about the Louisiana gubernatorial candidates with just two months remaining before the Oct.

Vitter's past is back in news

U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s sexual indiscretions that came to light in 2007 have surfaced for at least the second time in the current gubernatorial campaign. The next question is what part the revelations might play over the next two months before

Personal income tax next target

A special commission created to study the state’s sales tax system that produces $3.1 billion in revenues annually got organized Tuesday. Its goal is to determine how the next governor and Legislature can reform the system.

Roemer's rise major surprise

What does it take for a relatively unknown individual to be elected governor of Louisiana? Buddy Roemer was the last candidate to do it that I can remember. He was a U.S. congressman from Bossier City in 1987.