Attacks on Edwards unceasing

BATON ROUGE — Most public officials enjoy a honeymoon period after their election, but Gov. John Bel Edwards has had no such luck. Republican conservatives have been gunning for him since inauguration day.

Lawmakers resisting change

The Council for a Better Louisiana makes an excellent point in its latest “CABL Wire” about the state’s effort to fix its broken budget and tax systems. The problem isn’t the lack of information or solutions; it’s the will of the Legislature to

Change comes slowly at Capitol

Louisiana nursing homes continue to flex their legislative muscle, some Republicans keep resisting a second special session and state motorists have another opportunity to get a Real ID license without going through a major hassle. It’s been that

GOP steps up Edwards attacks

Some 20 Republicans in the Louisiana House called the “Gang of No” are going after Gov. John Bel Edwards with a vengeance. Anyone who doubts that need only look at events that occurred last week.

House GOP trying to help AG

BATON ROUGE — The ultra-conservative faction in the Louisiana House took unprecedented steps this week in what appears to be an early effort to help groom state Attorney General Jeff Landry to become the GOP gubernatorial candidate in 2019.