Senate race begins on sour note

If there is one thing Louisiana doesn’t need at this time in its history, it’s ex-Klansman David Duke running

Higher education enriches lives

College affordability has always been an important goal in this country, dating back to the GI Bill enacted after World War II. Unfortunately, times have changed and today’s political system doesn’t give higher education the funding it deserves.

Landry, Nungesser seek GOP title

State Attorney General Jeff Landry and Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser, the two newest stalwarts of the Louisiana Republican Party, appear to be trying to outdo one another in pursuit of the Mr. GOP Conservative title. So far, Landry has the edge.

Term limit movement slows

Term limits may be popular with voters, but the movement hasn’t grown much since 2000. The idea caught fire in

Will senseless deaths ever end?

What is happening to the country we love? The presidential race from hell was bad enough, and the violent shooting deaths of last week cast an even darker cloud on this nation’s future.