McNeese is dream come true

McNeese State University is celebrating its 75th birthday this year, and it is the great education institution that visionary leaders believed it would become that many years ago. The American Press talked about its opening in a Sept. 9, 1939, editorial.

Debate didn't change anything

The first debate involving the three major candidates in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race produced no surprises,

Find money for roads, bridges

Public, business and industry officials are talking about the deplorable condition of Louisiana’s roads and bridges, but don’t look for anything to change for over a year, if even then. Additional revenues are the only answer, and Gov. Bobby Jindal

Health care fight is all uphill

The 230,000 state employees, teachers, retirees and their families who are extremely upset over drastic and expensive changes to their health care plan are fighting a losing battle. The administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal is in charge of the Office