Higher ed plight in spotlight

The failure of the Gov. Bobby Jindal administration to properly fund state colleges and universities is

Statewide races start to sizzle

The filing of campaign finance reports and the jockeying for position are clear indications the Louisiana gubernatorial race is getting ready to kick into high gear. With one exception, other statewide elected officials appear to be in good shape

Leadership failed state in 2008

Louisiana’s current fiscal crisis could have been avoided had Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Legislature not been so hell-bent on repealing the Stelly Plan in 2008. It’s unlikely we will ever see that or a similar plan again, and that’s unfortunate

Candidates can learn from past

How is a new Louisiana governor going to repair the fiscal damage caused by the Gov. Bobby Jindal administration? It is a question voters will want gubernatorial candidates to answer before they compete in the Oct. 24 statewide primary.