Producers show extended trailer for 'Charles Claiborne'

Producers of the film “Charles Claiborne: Sojourn in Lake Charles” held a special screening of the film’s trailer at the Central School Arts and Humanities Center.

The trailer, which had a running time of nearly 15 minutes, was created with a local cast to give investors an idea of what the film would be like with a full budget.

The premise of the film involves the character Charles Claiborne, who after surviving being shot in the head in battle during the American Revolution, realizes that he can regenerate and is unable to die or age.

After Claiborne’s abilities are discovered a couple of centuries later, he is taken into custody by the U.S. Center of Neuroscience for study. Eventually he escapes and seeks refuge in the swamps of Creole Louisiana, where presumably the story of the finished film would unfold.

Writer, director and star of “Charles Claiborne” Jace Johnson, whose other film, “Little Chenier: A Cajun Story,” also prominently featured the Lake Area, said he was happy to be able to present his work Thursday to the people of his hometown.

“Being able to show my work in Lake Charles means more to me than showing the film anywhere else. That is why I do this. I really care about making my hometown proud,” he said. “I just love the culture and the people here; I feel like Lake Charles has so much potential, that it’s right on the cusp and I really want to showcase that.”

The film is still in production and will not be able to be completed until investors are found.

“After tonight’s premiere, we plan on showing the trailer at festivals around the country to drum up support and investors,” Johnson said. “This approach is becoming more and more common as investors want to see something tangible that’s already produced.”