Dubois: Alas, I have to work tomorrow night

Molly Ringwald is touring after the release of her debut jazz album, "Except Sometimes." She will perform tomorrow night at the Newmark Theatre in Portland.

And I have to work.

You probably know this song:

She was 3 when she started signing with her piano-playing father, and she kept singing while pursuing an acting career. Now she's got a jazz album out, and she's touring — and she'll be singing just down the road while I'm working Friday night.

Oh, well. Next time.

The Molly Ringwalds, meanwhile, are playing the same night in Alabama.

I won't be able to make that one, either. Maybe next time I'm in Louisiana they'll have a show nearby.

• • •

Carl Dubois, a former American Press reporter and assistant sports editor, is a journalist and editor now living and working near Portland, Ore.