Public opinions, private opinions and the LHSAA

Reading about the big news from the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, I remember a conversation with former Welsh High School football coach Dutton Wall when I was covering prep sports for the American Press.

"I just don't think them publics should have to play them privates," Wall said, in typically folksy style.

I was no longer at the American Press or covering high school sports when Wall later became the coach at Sacred Heart in Ville Platte, so I don't know if his opinion changed. I do recall having conversations with coaches who attended Catholic high schools and later coached at public schools, and they had strong opinions about the public vs. private issue at the time. Later, when they wound up at private schools, those opinions indeed changed. We all see things mostly from our point of view, not somebody else's.

I'm not sure how I feel about this move by the LHSAA, but I suspect in the long run it won't end complaints about the playing field not being level in Louisiana high school athletics.