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(Eric Cormier / American Press)

(Eric Cormier / American Press)

Parts of southeast, southwest Lake Charles could be added to city limits

Last Modified: Thursday, October 18, 2012 10:50 AM

By Eric Cormier / American Press

Lake Charles City Hall and Calcasieu Parish officials today will celebrate the completion of the East McNeese Street extension from La. 14 to La. 397.

Both agencies worked together in constructing the new road and installing infrastructure.

City Administrator John Cardone said the land surrounding the road is about 2,000 acres. With the installation of sewer and water lines, that property represents the type of area that could be annexed into the city.

Annexation tops City Councilman Rodney Geyen’s list of governmental goals.

Wednesday, the council approved a resolution, sponsored by Geyen, to allow Mayor Randy Roach’s administration to study annexation and create a plan for growing the city’s limits.

“We need to grow. I think we can grow faster,” Geyen said after the decision.

Next week, administration officials will meet with Geyen, City Councilman Mark Eckard and an undecided member of the panel to discuss what areas of the city could be annexed.

Cardone said parts of southeast and southwest Lake Charles are areas where land could be added to the city’s limits.

“A plan was created in 2007. The idea that grew from that was we understand it is costly to retrofit areas where people live but don’t have infrastructure. So it makes sense to annex property where water and sewer doesn’t exist since it would be cheaper,” he said.

Local government officials believe that making capital investments in such areas will also get the attention of developers.

“They would be able to build at a reasonable cost because water and sewer lines would already exist and all they would have to do is connect to them,” Cardone said.

City officials intend to examine the cost to instal and maintain utilities and the overall cost benefit of annexing. Fire insurance ratings will also be discussed.

Posted By: JS On: 6/5/2013

Title: the entitlement amazes me

Jerry sounds like a spoiled brat who got pie instead of cake. What the hell did you think they were doing when they decided to extend McNeese Street and Corbina Road? Oh and btw Doug, Lafayette had to do some annexing as well. Nobody is making you pick up and move, and being outside of the city limits does not guarantee you no noise.

Posted By: Andrew S. On: 10/21/2012

Title: Annexation

For those who oppose annexation: Annexation is done with the consent of the landowners in question. If the landowners in southeast Lake Charles (much of which is rural pasture land) want to become part of the city for a multimillion dollar type of investment such as Morganfield Development, then I wholeheartedly agree that they should.
Mr. Boudreaux, I'm curious, what exactly is the reason to not be in the city limits? The property taxes are actually higher outside the city...

Posted By: Doug On: 10/18/2012

Title: Just Dumb!

Go to Lafayette and take lessons, morons. Find out how they grew so fast.

Posted By: Jerry Boudreaux On: 10/18/2012

Title: who asked the people????!!!!

I live in this area, and I can tell you that we CHOSE this area because it was OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS. We and I can accurately speak for my neighbors DO NOT WANT the city in our lives accept for when WE want to go into the city for whatever. Yall keep pushing people further and further out until we are not hitting a limit. We leave the city because we DO NOT WANT THE CITY but the city keeps inching on us and inching on us until they annex and then we have to pick up and move. There is so much that the city council needs to do in Lake Charles instead of trying to collect more tax payments by annexing land. Deal with what you have and leave us ALONE!!!!!!! We are not in the city limits for a reason!!!!!!!

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