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Friday, July 25, 2014
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Spain's dominance is over after a loss to Chile insured they would not advance past the group stage. (AP Photo)

Spain's dominance is over after a loss to Chile insured they would not advance past the group stage. (AP Photo)

Tippy Tapped Out

Last Modified: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 5:12 PM
Spain hater Warren Arceneaux and Tiki Taka/Tippy Tappy apologist Rhett Manuel discuss the team’s ouster from the World Cup:

WA: I can’t put into words how happy I am right now. Good riddance, Spain!

RM: An interesting development to be sure. I feel really stupid for picking Netherlands to crash out in the group stage. Here I was thinking that they were too young and maybe uncomfortable. As it turned out, Spain was too comfortable in its ways.

WA: Speaking of predictions, I predicted that Spain would not get out of the group. I was right.

RM: This is turning into one giant celebration of yourself isn’t it, Warren? And here I was thinking “B.O.A.T.Z 2: Me Time”, the newest 2 Chainz record, would be the most self indulgent thing I’d seen in 2013 or 2014. Never underestimate the power of a man who hates the tiki-taka I suppose.

WA: I do hate it. Passionately. Their games are boring. They had a great run, it was just not fun to watch. When I watch soccer, I want fun, so I am glad to see them go. Also, I like underdogs, and they were as overdog as it gets.

RM: The problem came in the stubbornness for Spain. The response for tiki-taka has been discovered, the sharp counter-attack. The wheels came off when Stefan de Vrij scored the third goal in the Netherlands-Spain game. That’s the moment. Until then, you never felt like they’d spiral out of control. They still seemed invincible before that moment.

WA: Invincible? Have you forgotten the Confederations Cup Final already? They lost 3-0 to Brazil, with all three goals in the first 47 minutes.

RM: Difference being it’s Brazil. On it’s home turf in a dress rehearsal. Spain always showed up for actual big tournaments.

RM: Instead of reveling in the loss, I’m curious as to what you would’ve done differently. Any changes? Players you would’ve taken?

WA: I would not have done anything differently, except maybe bench Casillas for today’s game. I think this tournament was a natural end point for their older guys that was the nucleus for their awesome run. I think you have to let those guys play until you are sure its over. Now we know. This performance was awful, but I think it was kind of necessary. I am sure a lot of those guys will step away now and they can bring up some youngsters. They have a ton of talent and I think they will continue to be a factor in all the tournaments. Just with different players.

RM: I think the stubbornness of the selection is what baffles me. Costa was not good in the first game. Perhaps a move to the type of system they’d used in the Euros with Fabregas would’ve been a decent call. Also, I have no clue why Isco from Real Madrid or Jesus Navas from Manchester City wasn’t on the team. Both would’ve given them something different. Just a different look can go a long way in these things. But what’s done is done. I agree that there’s a generation behind them that is talented for sure.

WA: They weren’t on the team because Costa was promised playing time to switch from Brazil. You know how the game is played. Shout out to Julian Green!

RM: To be fair I do think Diego Costa was the best traditional striker in Spain’s pool as well ... but that’s another story for another day.

WA: Last question. Did you really enjoy watching Spain? Be honest. I’m not talking about the quality of team or whether it was a successful strategy. Did you enjoy watching all those 1-0 games? I did not and could not be happier to have them out.

RM: No comment. Maybe. OK, probably not.

Posted By: Warren On: 6/19/2014

Title: Rebuilding Spain

They have a great group of youngish guys on the bench already in Fabregas, Juan Mata, DeGea, Ander Iturraspe etc. The older guys like Xavi and Casillas will probably step away.
Is 2Chainz a rapper or wrestler? Could go either way.

Posted By: Caesar Harley On: 6/19/2014

Title: Rebuild

So, if you are rebuilding this dynasty, do you infuse the newer players with the likes of Costa or just wipe the table and start young and let them learn. If I am Spain, I don't know what to do. Maybe bring in Isco to remain competitive but go relatively young to dominate later. By the way, loved the 2 Chainz reference.

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