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Shutterbugs Policy

The American Press reserves the right to accept or reject Shutterbug photos based on quality, content, insufficient information or any of the standards listed below.

Digital photos must be clear, high-resolution photos. Poor quality photos taken with a camera phone will not be accepted.

Do not submit professional, copyrighted, Photoshopped photos or photos that have been manipulated in any way.

Only color images of people and/or pets will be considered.

First and last names of each person in the photo should be included and listed left to right. When providing nicknames, also give full names. If there are more than six people in a photo, the American Press will not list the names.

Type or clearly print information. If handwriting is illegible the American Press will try, but is not required, to contact the submitter for clarification. Avoid writing on the back of a hard copy of a photo.

Photos submitted with incomplete information will not run. Information must include first and last names of those photographed and a brief description.

Mailed-in or dropped-off photos will not be returned unless a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided. Emailing them to is the preferred method of delivery.

What is not appropriate for Shutterbugs:

Photos with inappropriate subject matter or featuring an unsafe activity will not be considered.

The American Press cannot run photos in Shutterbugs depicting charity or donations.

Shutterbugs cannot be used for free advertising. The American Press will not print names of businesses in a Shutterbugs package.

When a series of photos are submitted depicting the same scene or event, only one photo will run. Shutterbugs is not an appropriate avenue for photos of pageant winners or participants, high school or college graduations/graduates, wedding anniversaries, “generation” photos with five or more generations, or official/professional sports team photos.

Photos depicting dead animals and similar content will not be printed in Shutterbugs. Such photographs should be sent to Outdoors at

Refrain from submitting photos more than once a month. The American Press will only take one photo per person, per month. Do not submit multiple photos.

Shutterbugs package are run when there is space in the edition and photos are run on a first-come-first-served basis. The American Press is not able to provide a run date when the photo is submitted.

Email photo to or mail to: Shutterbugs, American Press, P.O. Box 2893, Lake Charles, LA 7060. For more information, contact Lisa Gurley at 494-4074.

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