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Sheriff's office reports 3 new scams in the area

Last Modified: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 4:57 PM

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Three new scams are circulating in the area that can take advantage of residents via phone, computer or email, according to a Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office news release.

Officers reminded residents to resist the pressure to make an immediate decision in the event of a possible scam, noting that a sense of urgency is often used as a scam tactic.

They also warned residents never to wire money based on a phone call or email request and to verify information before sending money to a source.

Arrest warrant phone scam

Local residents have reported receiving a phone call stating that a warrant is out for their arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. The caller identifies himself as a Sheriff’s Office deputy and asks them to present a prepaid card in order to avoid arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office reminded residents that arrest warrants must be served in person. They also ask that anyone who receives this call contact Lt. Detective Rick Burrell at 431-1352.

Cyber crimes scam

Victims have reported receiving a computer message that states they have been flagged for child pornography or other illegal online activity by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Cyber Crimes Center.

The message states that in order to unlock the computer and avoid further legal consequences, the victim must pay a fine with a prepaid money card service.

Authorities believe the message is connected to a virus that is installed after opening a file or email attachment or after visiting a compromised website. The victim’s computer then locks and the message asking for money appears on the screen.

The Sheriff’s Office asks those receiving this message not to pay or provide personal information but to contact Burrell.

FBI email scam

Businesses have reported receiving an email stating that the recipient has been identified by the FBI as a victim of a scam and awarded $800,000. In order to receive the funds from the Bank of America, the recipient is instructed to pay $2,500 in fees through a wire transfer or a prepaid money card.

The Sheriff’s Office asks anyone receiving this email not to respond but to report it to the FBI immediately at

Posted By: Jen Sandifer On: 7/17/2014

Title: scams...2 calls in one day!!

I received a call from 315-000-4567 saying it was brought to their attention that my computer was compromised from an email I opened tht contained a virus and they can fix/restore it to normal working condition but needed my debit or credit card number to do so. I told the guy I knew this was a scam and he hung up on me. A few hours later I received another call from 877-635-0049 from midsouth bank saying my card was compromised. I don't bank with midsouth. I had just warned my mother about the scams and I got two calls in one day! This is crazy!

Posted By: Mona Guillory On: 7/16/2014

Title: Scam never had a account there

Got a call saying my funds had a hold on it until I entered my account number

Posted By: Shannon Zaunbrecher On: 7/16/2014


I had the same call from MidSouth bank regarding debit/credit cards. Never had an account with them.

Posted By: tonya On: 7/16/2014

Title: mid-south

I recieved the same call from mid-south and I dont have an account thier either...

Posted By: Holly On: 7/15/2014

Title: MIDSOUTH scam

I have also received the call about my debit card!!!

Posted By: Louana Perales On: 7/15/2014

Title: Mrs.P

The same thing here I received a call from Mid-south bank wanting to take my account off of a hold on it. I don't even have a mid-south account

Posted By: Christy Perkins On: 7/15/2014

Title: Scams

I also received a call from Midsouth Back saying my bank account was put on hold until I give my 16 digit card # to speak to a rep. 4 other people I know received same call.

Posted By: Lana On: 7/15/2014


We also received the MidSouth Bank phone call and we have no account with them.

Posted By: Stan M. On: 7/15/2014

Title: Another scam?

Received a phone call today telling me my debit card was on a temporary hold pending my verification and in order to activate the phone system, I had to give my debit card number. Watch out for a call from 877-635-0049.

Posted By: Sharon Ardoin On: 7/15/2014

Title: Scams

Mid south bank was who called me and I don't have an account with them

Posted By: sharon ardoin On: 7/15/2014


I received a call from Mid-south bank wanting to take my account off of a hold on it. I don't even have a mid-south account.

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