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Sending care to soldiers overseas

Last Modified: Monday, July 01, 2013 11:18 AM

Cindy Brown, of Lafayette, is organizing efforts to put together care packages for troops overseas on the Fourth of July.

Through, Brown said you can send a care package to a soldier or just write a letter of support.

“They need support all year, but I just thought people would be getting together for barbecues, and I thought this would be something really special for people to do,” she said. “Also, it’s a good time to teach the children about patriotism.”

She said children can draw a picture for the servicemembers.

The non-profit organization was created in 2003 by Marty and Sue Horn, when their son serving in Iraq requested they send extra care packages for his teammates who weren’t getting a lot of mail from home. Now, the website has branched out to create AnyMarine, AnyAirman, AnySailor, and AnyCoastGuardsman.

Soldiers are able to register on the website to receive care packages and letters. Visitors to the website can search for soldiers by service location and give to service members specifically from their area. From hygiene items to food to pocket knives, soldiers will appreciate anything people can send them, Brown said. However, it’s discouraged to mix food with other items in the package.

She said it’s easier for soldiers to send responses and thanks if a personal letter with a mailing or email address is included.

“These young men and women don’t know us from Adam, yet they’re risking everything for us,” Brown said. “They are putting their lives on the line for our freedom.”

Brown said it’s easy to say you “support the troops,” but this is the actual way the “troops can hear you.”

“They appreciate anything you can send,” Brown said. “They just want to hear from home. It helps their morale so much.”

The website provides the address of the soldier upon request. Donations are tax deductible.

For more information on the local efforts contact Brown at 280-2682.


Posted By: SSG Gautreaux, Darrin US Army On: 7/7/2013

Title: Mrs. Cindy Brown

Mrs. Cindy is a huge supporter of, she has been sending care packages to me for at least the past 8 years. I have 3 deployments to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan and like clock work every month i would get a package to share with the unit. All the supports are to generous and it truly means alot to a soldier to receive a package even if simple ones like a poster with your favorite sports team down to a pack of oreo cookies that takes us back to home even for only a short while.

Posted By: Marty Horn On: 7/1/2013

Title: Head Geek and President of Any Soldier Inc.

Thank you for doing this!!!!

Posted By: Cindy Brown On: 7/1/2013

Title: Supporting Our Troops

Thank you so much for publishing this article. Our Troops need our support so badly.
You request any NAME from ANY BRANCH and send what you can, when you can DIRECTLY to the 'contact' person.
These websites have a great feature...
You can use the 'Search Tool' found written in blue at the top of the Where To Send page to find a particular 'contact' person.
Click on 'Search Tool' and where your cursor is blinking in the bar, type in ANY word or words you'd like, Lake Charles, Louisiana, LA (any city or state), Chaplain, letters, pen pal (penpal), socks, your favorite sports team, Girl Scout cookies, Military Working Dogs, handlers, K9, baby wipes (many have no place to shower) letters from schools, drink packets etc. If they have your word or words in their profile, they'll come up, click on a name, scroll down and find your word or words in red.
You can also use the 'drop down' menu that is located on the left of your computer screen on the Where To Send page. You'll see the small arrow above the names. You can search by location of Units etc.
Don't forget if you feel comfortable in doing so, put your email address on your letter or card and /or a self-addressed envelope inside your box. You might hear back if they are able to respond. But sometimes it's near impossible to because of location and missions.
Freedom Isn't Free!

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