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School Board investigating reports of twerking substitute teacher at Sulphur High

Last Modified: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 9:51 PM

By Kara Carrier / American Press

A video of a Sulphur High School substitute teacher allegedly twerking during class last week has been circulating among students.

The Calcasieu Parish School Board says it is investigating the incident, which took place in a civics/contemporary issues class.

“At this time, it is a personnel matter, and there is an investigation,” Kirby Smith, public information officer for CPSB, told the American Press. “School Board officials are looking into it.”

Twerking is defined by Oxford Dictionary as a dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

In a copy of the six-second video obtained by the newspaper, the substitute can be seen doing a wall twerk, which is a handstand against the wall while twerking.

No students appear in the video, but can be heard laughing and cheering the teacher on in the background.

Posted By: katrina On: 11/21/2013


Wow . Maybe they were trying to lighten up the class. Maybe they should be reprimanded. I think the snchool board should check out their Iowa bus drivers and their behavior.

Posted By: mom On: 11/20/2013

Title: parent

Wow why was nothing said when the principal was doing the same dance in front of the entire school body this year in a dance contest with students at the school.

Posted By: Algebrateacher69 On: 11/18/2013

Title: does anyone know the subs name?

Does anyone happen to know the subs name? I will be out Thursday and Friday, and I think she would be the perfect sub for my algebra class. My students would love me.

Posted By: #torwhore On: 11/18/2013

Title: I LOVE IT

what else do you expect its sulphur.. come on now people... #neverclassy #alwaystrashy #twerkteam2ksubstitute

Posted By: SHS ALUM On: 11/15/2013

Title: Wow

I can't believe this story actually got out. Usually stuff like this gets kept really hush hush. I wonder what class she was subbing for, maybe she was trying to make connections to a text with background knowledge of twerking. Perhaps a lesson about the Shakers or Quakers.. Yea this was probably really in appropriate, but I saw much more disturbing things in my 12 years in the cpsb system. The kids'll get over it, so should everyone else.

Posted By: jane joe On: 11/15/2013

Title: This sad sad

This make the subs that are working for a living look terrible. shame shame===

Posted By: Lori B On: 11/15/2013


Just to clarify, this was NOT a regular sub at SHS. She was assigned by the CPSB's new automated system. This was her first and LAST day AT&T he school.

Posted By: mother grandmother On: 11/15/2013

Title: Sulphur twerks

Lighten up....gotta go with what they know. Its all tv and magazines. I remember when Elvis was not allowed to be filmed from the waist down. Trust me, its not the first time they saw twerking.

Posted By: Not impressed On: 11/14/2013


Wow! Nothing wins high schoolers over like a good wall twerk. Shame on her!

Posted By: Concerned parent On: 11/14/2013


Odd how this made "news", but a principal bring at school " under the influence" of alcohol still hasn't been reported. Go figure......

Posted By: Rick James On: 11/14/2013


I went to SHS and this is great. This is how we keep kids in school :)

Posted By: Joe Richardson On: 11/14/2013

Title: Joe Barry

Now that is education at it's best. Must be a part of common core.

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