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"A Soldier's Pride" by Dr. Maurice Prince was released about six weeks ago. (Special to the American Press)

Former LC doctor, Black Hawk pilot publishes book

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By Emily Fontenot / American Press

A former Christus St. Patrick Hospital doctor recently published a book about his deployment in Iraq titled “A Soldier’s Pride.”

Dr. Maurice Prince said he was inspired to write the book by his wife. While serving in Iraq, he was only given a few minutes each day to talk with his wife, who didn’t know what he was going through on a daily basis. Through “A Soldier’s Pride,” he wanted to give her an honest depiction of a day in his life while serving overseas.

The book begins at daybreak and ends at about 11 p.m. that night. Prince said he used some creative license in writing the book to combine a number of scattered stories into a single day.

“It’s a combination of a memoir, a suspense novel and an episode of ‘MASH’ all put together in one,” he said. “It has actually got some very humorous stories, and it has some very meaningful stories.”

Prince said he tried to be honest and transparent about what serving in Iraq was really like. He said that for him, the real heroes were the ones back home. While the soldiers knew when to be worried for their safety, those back home were worried all the time. For Prince, publishing this book was one way to give back to those who were left back home.

“It’s good for folks that are familiar with the military, because they get it,” he said. “And for folks that are not familiar with the military, it explains in detail and kind of gives you a realistic depiction of what it’s like to be there.”

Prince began his career in the military right out of college after graduating from Loyola. He served as an aviator for eight years and spent the last two years as a Black Hawk flight instructor while taking night classes in order to complete prerequisites for medical school. While completing his residency, he met his wife after his landlord played matchmaker and placed the two in adjacent rooms.

Shortly afterward, Prince got engaged and was placed in active duty. Through a self-described “comedy of errors,” he found himself serving in an infantry unit in Iraq.

Years later, after being urged by his wife, he wrote a book compiling some memories of his time overseas into a single day.

The book had been sitting on his laptop for years when he learned about a friend who had recently gotten a book published through Indigo River Publishing.

He decided to send his manuscript in and was shocked by the response he received. The publisher said that out of the hundreds of manuscripts he received each week, Prince’s stood out to him as a potential best-seller.

After returning from Iraq, he worked at St. Patrick Hospital for about nine years. He moved back to a hospital in Church Point about three years ago to be closer to his wife’s family.

As a doctor’s wife and a mother pregnant with her third child, his wife decided to move closer to home for the support of her family.

“A Soldier’s Pride” was released about six weeks ago and is available for purchase through Indigo River’s website and for Kindle and paperback editions through

Although small shops and groceries have already picked up the book, Prince and his publishers are working on getting it into large book stores such as Barnes & Noble.

Posted By: Jennifer Handy On: 7/26/2014

Title: A soldier's Pride

One of the greatest books, I have read in my lifetime. I think everyone with family members in the military should read this book, it shows us a day in the life of a deployed ER Dr.

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