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Reader response to our informal Facebook poll ‘IN YOUR OPINION'

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Each week we poll our Facebook readers to answer a question relating to food, dining or cooking. The top answers are printed in the paper and all of them are posted online. Here are some the responses to our informal Facebook poll “What kind of restaurant would you like to see in Lake Charles?”

• “Not sure if they have one, but I know Texas does, would like to see a Rainforest Cafe! That’s some good food.” — Chriss Long.

• “We need a place with Indian food. It’s cheap and so good. Also, we need food trucks somewhere in the area like Austin and other cities.” — Brittany Savant.

• “The Boiling Crab, really great seafood.” — Hazel Stevens Jason.

• “Carrabba’s Italian Grill.” — Sarah Spence.

• “Golden Coral or Red Lobster”. — Bridget Richard Guidry.

• “Cheddar’s or Denny’s.” — Patty Simmons.

• “Why can’t we have a Copeland’s again?” — Thomas H. Price.

• “Indian food.” — Tod Ardoin.

• “Joe’s Crab Shack.” — Mary Franklin Carlquist, Moss Bluff.

• “Schlotzsky’s.” — Jamie Lynn Fierro.

• “Macaroni Grill. So yummy and the fire-baked bread is delicious!” — Charlene Nevils Chiasson.

• “Copeland’s again. A fine restaurant comparable to Pat’s of Henderson.” — Diana Anderson Reeder.

• “A Regatta, we have a lake.” — Vicky Bass Johnston.

• “Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. Oh would I be happy.” — Diana Anderson Reeder.

• “Joe’s Crab Shack.” — Beth Winslett Fontenot, Lake Charles.

• “A La Madeleine’s.” — Susan Wendel Loupe.

• Had you asked before Siam opened I would have said we needed a Thai restaurant. But we can now get Thai at Siam.” — Michael H. Mundt.

• “Maggiano’s or Cafe Adobe.” — Mary Clare LeBlanc.

• “Copeland’s Sunday Brunch was awesome! My favorite was Eggs Benedict. Instead of ham, they had a crab cake. Yum!” — Thomas H. Price.

• “The Cheesecake Factory! I’m from Minnesota and they have them lined up outside. Great food & great cheesecake.” — Jeni Rose, Merryville.

• “Some good barbecue, like Jack Stack!” — Kimberly Istre.

• “Saltgrass and Denny’s.” — SadeConstruction Hebert.

• “Copeland’s.” — Holly Phillips, Lake Charles.

• “Cajun food in a very healthy setting. We have the best food in the world but we cook it not so healthy. I have came up w/ the best of our culture and a great environment to enjoy.” — Christine Dowden Rogers.

• “Saltgrass and Red Lobster.” — Adrienne P. Daigle.

• “Indian food!” — Chad Hebert I.

• “Applebee’s.” — Christine Baty, Sulphur.

• “Dave & Buster’s!” — Annie Pelt.

• “Mexican.” — Carol L. Hein, Sulphur.

• “Something that offers organic, seasonal, locally grown food.” — Robert Deal.

• “Indian or Thai.” — Don Menard.

• “We need a Red Lobster!” — DeLeah Malbrough.

• “I miss the Souper!Salad!” — Candy LaFleur.

• “Smithfield Barbecue.” — Elizabeth Deal.

• “Dairy Queen.” — Donna Reeves.

• “German or French.” — Carole Russell Williamson.

Coming Next Week

Our next poll, which will be published on Friday, will be Price wise, what restaurant gives the best deal? To participate, visit

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