City Council passes resolution to promote pedestrian safety

By By Justin Phillips / American Press

It didn’t take long for City Council President Luvertha August to generate progress on one of her latest resolutions.

In a recent agenda meeting, August voiced her concern for pedestrian safety after reading an article in the American Press listing Lake Charles as having the highest number of pedestrian fatalities among the state’s eight metropolitan areas.

August proposed a resolution asking that the city initiate a campaign to promote pedestrian safety through public service

ads and signs, by working with the Calcasieu Parish School Board, and by enforcing jaywalking ordinances with adults.

During Wednesday’s regular City Council meeting, the resolution was approved.

“My point is, everything has a starting place, and I felt that the city of Lake Charles, since it was in big headlines that

we had the highest rate of pedestrian deaths, that we should take the initiative to promote this program,” August said. “I

would prefer that the city took the initiative and came up with some ideas.”

Mayor Randy Roach told August that the planning department was making headway and that the information would be presented

to her at a later time.

The council approved an ordinance to raise the salary of one of the administrative positions within the Fire Department. The

ordinance will raise the research and planning officer’s annual pay from $22,256 to $39,124.80. Roach and Fire Chief Keith

Murray said the pay would be competitive when compared to similar positions in other communities.

“The reason for the ordinance is to get it to a level that is a little more competitive in the open market,” Roach said.

Even though there is a moratorium on

shoreline alterations, the council approved an ordinance authorizing an

exemption. City

attorney Billy Loftin said the work being done on the shoreline

pertaining to the ordinance was part of an ongoing process.

The placement of concrete, rock and dirt would be for shoreline stabilization, Loftin said. Councilman John Ieyoub said he

did not receive any opposition from the constituents within his district regarding the exception.

The council also accepted the lowest

responsible bids on six pickup trucks and one compact excavator for use

by different

divisions within the Public Works Department. An ordinance

authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with Sterling Automotive

Group for five sedans for use by the Lake Charles Police

Department was also passed.