Leesville Council approves water service ordinance

By By Lauren Manary / American Press

LEESVILLE — The City Council on Monday unanimously approved an ordinance to allow the city to provide water service to what

will become a new development on La. 467.

The measure authorizes Mayor Robert Rose to enter into a buy-sell agreement with the East Central Vernon Water System, allowing

the city to acquire property for infrastructure improvements along the highway.

“The Legislature has appropriated $280,000 towards the purchase of this, which will require then $84,000 out of city pocket

to complete the acquisition of the water assets out there,” Rose said.

The acquisition of the water assets is

part of a larger goal of developing the University Parkway Economic

Development District

after the state awarded Leesville and Vernon Parish $25 million to

provide water and sewer service and an arterial connecting

La. 467 to La. 468.

According to a news release, Rose said

the acquisition will allow the city to attract chain restaurants, retail

shopping opportunities

and better housing for soldiers and residents.

The city will also acquire assets along La. 467 and Hannah Road and lines connecting La. 467 to La. 468. Leesville and Vernon

Parish have already begun construction of larger water lines in the area.

The money to finalize the agreement will be available in March, Rose said, with a closing date on the transaction set for

March 31.