Don't forget to claim your Citizens rebate

Each year many Louisiana property insurance policyholders forget or neglect to claim their Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance

Assessment rebate. Citizens is the state’s property insurer of last resort.

The Citizens assessment on

insurance companies is to amortize the bonds issued by Citizens to cover

the damages caused by

the hurricanes of 2005 in excess of their cash and available

reinsurance. The assessment was passed on to property and casualty

policyholders each year by insurance companies. This Citizens

assessment is fully refundable to consumers by the State of

Louisiana once they have paid their annual insurance bill.

Policyholders can access the

necessary forms and more information on both the rebates and the

Louisiana State Uniform Construction

Code state tax deduction and insurance premium discounts on the

Louisiana Department of Insurance website

Citizens assessment rebate forms can also be found on the

Department of Revenue website at

“The Citizens rebate can be claimed

at any point during the year in one of three ways, but tax time may be

the most convenient.

At the end of 2013, nearly two-thirds of available Citizens rebate

funds, nearly $240 million, went unclaimed,” said Insurance

Commissioner Jim Donelon. “Whether you have insurance through

Citizens or through another insurance company, you are entitled

to the rebate once you have paid the assessment on your property

insurance bill.”

The amount of the assessment rebate can be found on the declaration page of a property insurance policy. Once a policyholder

knows the amount of their assessment, they can claim their rebates for 2010 through 2013 in one of three ways:


Claim the rebate as a tax credit on your Louisiana Income Tax Return

due each May. With this option your rebate will be included

in your total tax calculation.


Claim the rebate online through the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s

Online Filing and Payments webpage

Users will need to create an account to access the electronic form

for claiming their Citizens rebate.

l Claim the rebate by filling out a paper form. The one-page form along with the insurance declarations page can be mailed

to the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Forms (R-540INS) for all four calendar years are located on the Louisiana Department of Insurance and Louisiana Department

of Revenue websites.

Businesses may claim the Citizens rebate by filing the Department of Revenue Form R-620INS or by filing a current-year or

amended tax return. Individual policyholders may also claim the Citizens Assessment Rebate rebate by amending a prior-year

tax return. A copy of the insurance policy declaration page showing proof of the assessment amount must be attached to any

claim form.

You can contact the LDI by calling 1-800-259-5300 or visiting

We believe the state needs to find an easier way for people to apply and receive their rebate. The best argument for that

is the $240 million of Citizens rebate funds that went unclaimed.