Workforce Commission launches new job search site

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

The Louisiana Workforce Commission launched a new job search website Thursday, making it easier for the unemployed to seek

and apply for jobs in state.

Louisiana Star Jobs is an interactive

search tool that ranks occupations in Louisiana according to salary; the

number of openings;

and the prospects for various careers. The site factors in each

individual’s qualifications, as well as educational background

and desired income.

Louisiana Star Jobs finds and ranks jobs based on four criteria: “projected demand, projected percentage job growth, the number

of advertised job openings in the past year and wages,” reads the commission’s website.

The larger the demand and growth of a particular job and the higher the pay, the more stars it receives. The best occupations

receive five stars. Occupations that pay well but have few job openings and poor prospects for the future get fewer stars,

compared with those that may have many openings but pay poorly.

Users can also narrow their searches to jobs in a particular region of the state.

“I’m extremely excited about the launch,” Curt Eysink, executive director of the Louisiana Workforce Commission, said by phone.

“It is a game changer for a lot of people. It enables job seekers to quickly find good opportunities. Never before in Louisiana

have we had all of this information in one place readily accessible to someone on a computer.”

Eysink said the site is current and forward looking, adding that it takes data from spreadsheets and makes that information


“Louisiana Star Jobs is a snap to use for students, people who are working but looking for a better job, the unemployed or

people considering moving to or moving back to Louisiana,” he said.