Woods re-elected as Jeff Davis Police Jury president

By By Doris Maricle / American Press

JENNINGS — District 1 Police Juror Donald Woods was narrowly re-elected to a 10th year as president of the Jefferson Davis

Parish Police Jury on Wednesday.

Woods was elected in a 7-6 vote of the Police Jury after a nomination by Police Juror Byron Buller.

Those voting in favor of Woods were Police Jurors Milford Reed Jr., Bradley Eastman, Tom Kilpatrick, Melvin Adams, Buller,

Leonard Dupuis, and Woods himself.

“He has done an excellent job,” Buller said after the meeting. “He has been a great leader, and I respect him. There is nothing

that he has not helped me get.”

District 12 Police Juror Bill Wild was unsuccessfully nominated for president by Police Juror Mark Pousson. Wild has served

as vice president in the past.

Those supporting Wild were Police Jurors John Marceaux, Steve Eastman, Wayne Fruge, Curt Guillory, Pousson and Wild himself.

Those voting for Wild said they were hoping to take the panel in a new direction.

Pousson left the meeting and did not immediately return calls from the American Press.

Guillory, District 9 police juror, was unanimously elected to his first term as vice president after a nomination by Pousson.

Police Juror Bradley Eastman declined a nomination by Pousson for vice president.

Guillory said he is looking forward to serving the parish as a whole.

“I represent the people of District 9, but I serve Jefferson Davis Parish,” he said. “My goal is to do whatever is best for

the people at all cost.”

Woods said the biggest challenges facing the Police Jury are bridge repairs and a new parish jail.

“That will be the biggest challenge, handling all the bridges in a timely manner,” he said. “We should have two or three done

by now, but the rain has delayed the work.”

Another priority will be to find funding for a new jail. Former state Sen. Jerry Theunissen is working with the parish to

seek funding.

Parish voters overwhelmingly rejected a sales tax increase for a new jail and sheriff administration office in May 2009. The

tax would have raised $1.1 million a year to build and maintain a $12 million facility just east of the parish courthouse

in Jennings.

A decade earlier, voters defeated a half-cent sales tax that would have funded construction of a jail and would have paid

for Sheriff’s Office salaries.

The Police Jury also chose its representatives for the Unit Maintenance Committee: Division 1 representative John Marceaux,

Division 2 representative Byron Buller and Division 3 representative Bill Wild.

Rebecca Gary was reappointed secretary-treasurer.