Vendor Vet nears 50 listings

By By Frank DiCesare / American Press

In the five weeks since the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana launched its Vendor Vet website, nearly 50 small businesses

have listed their services.

Shanna Sellers, the Safety Council’s

operations and Pre-Qualifier Form program administrator, told the

Republican Roundtable

on Friday that the database has 45 small businesses. She said the

council is hoping to get an average of 45 businesses each

month listed on Vendor Vet.

“The idea with (Vendor Vet) was to have

a local area where vendors can go to register their businesses, whether

they are new

in town or are already here and want to become a part of this huge

development that is happening,” Sellers said. “It is also

a place where larger business owners who are looking for

small-business vendors can go there to find these people.”

Vendor Vet, launched Jan. 2, was funded by Sasol and developed by the Safety Council and the GO Group. For a $50 annual fee,

business owners can register for Vendor Vet by filling out an electronic form that gets uploaded to the database, which is

on the Safety Council’s website.

Vendor Vet has been in the development stages since June when officials from Sasol asked the Safety Council to develop a vendor

database for small-business owners.

Sasol worked on the council’s PQF

program, which requires all in-plant industrial contractors to fill out a

form that identifies

their companies’ safety programs and accident rates. There are

4,000 contractors listed on the Safety Council’s PQF program.

Sellers said that once a vendor has been chosen for a job through Vendor Vet, it will be asked to enter the PQF program. “We’re

pretty confident with the way the database grew in January, it will continue to excel,” she said.