Entertainment, dance come together in Lake Charles Civic Ballet production

By By Jordan Gribble / Special to the American Press

After their spring 2012 production of “Sleeping Beauty,” creative directors for the Lake Charles Civic Ballet decided to do

something drastically different this year.

The show entitled “Assemblé” — French for “to come together” — will bring different forms of entertainment and different styles

of dance to one stage at performances on Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17, in the Rosa Hart Theater.

Civic Ballet board member Kelly Saucier said the production came about as a way for the dance company to work with other local


“Last spring we collaborated with the

Lake Charles symphony to bring ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to the stage, and it

was really well-received,

and we got so much support from the community because of it that

our artistic director wanted to expand on that by collaborating

in a bigger way,” she said.

“Since we began in 1968 we’ve always worked with other creative entities and have tried to bring a diverse and interesting

presentation to the community.”

Saucier said the Civic Ballet each year will work with groups it doesn’t normally work with “and come up with something that

the community will love and support.”

Instead of one long uninterrupted

production of a single piece, “Assemblé” will cover more ground by

splitting its performance

into segments that will feature classic and modern ballet, as well

as other types of dance, such as that usually seen on the

stages of Broadway.

“There will be a lot of different styles and genres, and the show is very fast moving,” Saucier said.

“We’ll show the classics, like an excerpt from ‘Swan Lake,’ and then we’ll do Broadway-style dancing with a piece from ‘West

Side Story’ and a scene from ‘Graduation Ball,’ which is very funny and that people will enjoy a lot.

“We’ll even show a piece of an original worked called ‘Fable’ that was composed for us and premiered in the early ’80s that

we’ll be bringing back.”