USA Rice Federation opposes importing of Vietnam rice

By Special to the American Press

The USA Rice Federation says it is extremely disappointed by the decision of a Texas rice mill to import long-grain milled

rice from Vietnam, citing the impact of two years of drought on the Texas rice supply.

The action has raised questions and concerns in all corners of the U.S. rice industry, as reports indicate adequate supplies

of U.S.-grown rice in nearby states.

The USA Rice Federation, which is composed of producers and all segments of the industry, is in the business of promoting

only U.S.-grown rice, according to a press release issued by the USA Rice Federation.

Consumers rely on the high quality and safety of U.S. rice

USA Rice’s packaging logo — “Grown in the USA” Rice — can only be used for rice that is 100 percent grown and packaged in

the United States.

The importing company states that packages containing Vietnamese rice sold in the United States will be marked with country

of origin.

The USA Rice Federation’s mission is to promote and protect the interests of its member producers, millers, merchants and

allied businesses.

While trade associations can’t and don’t control the business decisions of individual companies, USA Rice supports a strong

U.S. rice industry and advocates the use of U.S.-grown rice.