Community mourns folllowing murders at McMillan Park

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A resident of Sunlight Manor apartments said dice games take place often at McMillan Park, but they aren’t usually high stakes.

Three Lake Charles men were shot to death at the park Wednesday night during a robbery of a dice game, Lake Charles police


A fourth person shot lived, according to Police Chief Don Dixon.

Twenty-year-old Jeminskian J. Arvie, 23-year-old David Jermaine Galmore and 20-year-old Fitzgerald Tremayne Guillory were

all killed at the park, Dixon said.

The park was crowded early Thursday afternoon, as young men and women milled around. Few at the park were willing to discuss

the incident.

The park and community center sit on the corner of Goos and Evans streets and are adjacent to Sunlight Manor. The shooting

took place on a sidewalk at the rear of the park, near the apartments.

A middle-age male apartment resident, who wouldn’t give his name, said dice games at the park aren’t generally high stakes,

just people letting off steam in the evening.

He said he heard two gunshots at about 9:30 p.m., then saw the people playing dice stand up. He said he saw the fire from

the gun and heard five more shots.

He said he couldn’t see faces because it was dark, but saw shadows falling and others running. “The dice game got jacked,”

he said.

The man said police come by the park twice a day, seven days a week to break up dice games.

Blood still stained the sidewalk Thursday afternoon.

Someone had planted a small bouquet of flowers, over which a woman, who identified herself as a cousin of one of the victims,


“They took someone’s children,” said a woman at one of the houses that surround the park and community center.

Ella Rankins, who described herself as an evangelist, led a group of about 25 people in a prayer under the awning that covers

the basketball court.

Rankins said she does not live near the park, but knew the pain residents were going through. She said 14-year-old Alexus

Rankins, who was killed in a drive-by shooting near the mall in 2010, was her great-niece.

“I just came to say a prayer,” Rankins said. “I know how they feel.”