LC man gets life for double murder

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A man found guilty last month of killing two people was sentenced Wednesday to two concurrent life sentences in state district


Mark Wayne Thibodeaux, 54, was found guilty in February of two counts of second-degree murder in the January 2012 stabbing

deaths of 25-year-old Carla Yvette Ledoux and 50-year-old Bridget Tillman Pryor.

Judge Richard Wilson also sentenced Thibodeaux to 25 years on one count of attempted second-degree murder, for stabbing Joseph

Newman several times. Thibodeaux was to be transferred to Angola State Penitentiary.

“A part of my heart is missing and

can’t be replaced,” Idell Livings, Pryor’s mother, said in a letter read

aloud by her daughter

in court. “No matter what happened in that house, it was not worth

taking someone’s life who had so much to live for.”

Livings reiterated that she has forgiven Thibodeaux, as she said after the trial.

The stabbings reportedly happened after Thibodeaux and Ledoux got into an argument while staying the night at Pryor’s home.

The group had been part of a small get-together at Pryor’s earlier in the evening.