Theatre Festival Saturday at Central School

By By Cliff Seiber / American Press

The Louisiana Theatre Festival gives

both young die-hard theater enthusiasts and curious students who want to

see if it’s something

they want to pursue a chance to learn from professionals, said

Kerry Onxley, director of the event.

The festival, for students in grades 6-12, will be 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, at Central School Arts and Humanities Center,

809 Kirby St.

“We are really excited about it,” Onxley said. By Wednesday 55 registrations had been received, and more are expected up until

time for the event to begin, he said.

The festival includes workshops on all aspects of theater performance and production, Onxley said.

“We are particularly happy about three sessions: ‘Acting for Camera,’ ‘Acting for Film’ and one on makeup,” he said.

The instructors for the camera classes will bring in cameras to give students the opportunity to work with real equipment,

Onxley said.

“We’ve had several films made here, and this can give students the opportunity to learn the terminology and techniques so

they could work in future projects,” he said. “There is no one in the state, except perhaps in New Orleans, who can teach

these classes.

“The makeup class will focus on creating zombies, which kids like,” he said. The professional training is also unavailable

around here.

Participants are expected from Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and even Orange, Texas.

Representatives from McNeese State University, Northwestern State University, Louisiana State University and the University

of Louisiana at Lafayette will be present to talk to high school students and their parents about their theater offerings.

In addition to providing training, the

second purpose of the festival is to get the four local theater groups

in Lake Charles

working together — the Lake Charles Little Theatre, ACTS Theatre,

McNeese Theatre and the Children’s Theatre Company, Onxley