Barbe show choir to perform Friday

By By Kara Carrier / American Press

Barbe High School’s show choir, known as The Last Hour, will showcase its talent for the public Friday, April 11, during its

end-of-year “Spring Jam” concert at 8 p.m. in the LaGrange High School auditorium.

Chris Miller, show choir director, said the concert will feature rock music and have an upbeat atmosphere.

“It’s not just a sit-down-and-be-real-quiet-while-the-group-performs show,” Miller said. “It’s definitely a show where the

audience gets up on their feet, dances around, hops along and sings along. It’s a loud rock concert.”

The group features three guitarists, a bass guitarist, a drummer, a keyboardist and six singers, he said.

“This is commercial music done as close as we can to the original style as possible,” Miller said.


is not commercial music adapted to a choir. Whenever you listen to the

music it sounds like the original artist recording.”

Miller said this is the 22nd show choir that he has instructed. The group was named The Last Hour because show choir is a

class he teaches the last hour of the school day.

According to Miller, the choir performs at community events throughout the year, such as United Way functions and the Free

to Breathe fundraiser.

Friday’s concert will be about two hours long and showcase music the group has worked on all school year.


said this group is so talented that people have thought they were lip

syncing because they sound so good. Most people

who hear them perform, he said, are surprised that they’re high

school students. “These are some of the most talented musical

students in our area,” he said.

Miller said spots on the show choir are coveted and limited. About 60 students audition annually, and only 14 are chosen for

the group.

“We have lots of alumni that graduate from this group and make musical performance their livelihood,” Miller said.

“Many of them are now performing in groups around town and also as far away as in Austin and New York City. They all have

come through this program.”

Tickets for Friday’s concert can be purchased for $5 from a show choir student in advance or at the door for $7.


said this concert is the group’s major fundraiser for the year, and

proceeds help with operating expenses and an end-of-year

recording project.

“This is a good weekend activity that shows everything that is positive about young people today,” Miller said. “It’s just

young people showcasing their talents and lots of their peers coming out to support them and have a good time. I think we

need more of those kinds of events.”