Sulphur soccer team has already left its mark

By By Rhett Manuel / American Press

Sulphur High’s boys soccer team may be embracing the role of underdog in the Division I playoffs, but, that doesn’t mean they’re

scared of anyone left in the field.

The Golden Tors, the lowest remaining seed of any team in the three divisions at No. 14, hope to continue their playoff run

today at 5 p.m. against No. 6-seed Jesuit.

St. Louis will host Catholic-New Iberia at 6:30 p.m. in Division III boys play. But it is Sulphur making noise this year.

“It’s a little bit of both, I guess,”

Sulphur head coach Trevor Foolkes said. “This season we told the guys we

don’t really

fear anybody in the state. In years past we weren’t afraid, but

just sort of intimidated, especially by teams ranked in the


Sulphur got that monkey off its back by

beating No. 3 Catholic-Baton Rouge 2-1 in overtime last Thursday.

Senior Ruston Logan

scored the game-winning goal off of a header to set up the team’s

first trip to the quarterfinals since 2004 and the second-consecutive

game Sulphur plays against a top-10 team in its division.

Though it’s been a decade since Sulphur was in this position, the Golden Tors feel prepared for the lights of the quarterfinals

because of their district schedule.

“ ... With our district being so hard, with Acadiana and Lafayette we competed very well with them,” Foolkes said. “We still

have that mentality of the underdog but we don’t really fear anybody this season.

Acadiana and Lafayette, both top-5 seeds in Division I, play each other in the quarter finals.

Sulphur, despite its seeding, boasts talent and confidence of its own. Junior goalkeeper Bradley Bosco recorded 12 saves against

Catholic-Baton Rouge, although according to Foolkes that number takes away from his team’s total defensive effort in that


“To be honest, only three or four of

them were really saves,” Foolkes said. “Our defense did an outstanding

job in that game.

Bradley’s probably one of the best goalkeepers we’ve had in many

years at Sulphur. He’s just a junior, so he’s got a bit more

of growing and development to do.”

Getting one more performance like that wouldn’t hurt Sulphur’s quest for glory at all.

“(We’re) fired up and very excited. We know the task at hand,” Foolkes said. “We’re very excited but down to earth and know

that to advance we’ll have to pull another upset.”