Sulphur may raise fee for sex offenders

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

SULPHUR — The city may soon increase its registration fee for sex offenders.

Councilman Stuart Moss said he will seek an increase in the fee at the August City Council meeting.

In January 2011, the Lake Charles City Council approved raising its $60 fee to $600 annually.

“I have a concern that every time I

open the (newspaper), I see more and more pictures of these sexual

offenders,” Moss said.

“Here we sit on a gold mine of parks and recreation and great

schools … I just don’t think we are on an equal playing field

when it comes to sexual offenders living in the city of Sulphur.”

According to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s

Office website, Sulphur has 74 registered sex offenders — one out of

every 240 residents.

“Based on our population, (Sulphur is) the third highest in sexual offenders living in our area,” Moss said.

Moss said Lake Charles raising its registration fee to $600 may convince sex offenders to “move somewhere where it’s a lot

cheaper to register.”

“When (Lake Charles) raised their (fee) … over the last year or so there have been a lot more (sex offenders) in the paper,”

he said. “I will be presenting something to the Council next month to increase fees.”

Moss said he can “promise” that Sulphur’s registration fee for sex offenders will not be less than Lake Charles’ fee.

The proposal will be brought before the City Council at its Aug. 12 meeting slated for 5:30 p.m.