Sulphur apartment complex has had sewage problem for months

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

Parkway Apartments tenant Kayla Moore

said she has been complaining of the raw sewage around that Sulphur

property since September.

The city of Sulphur and the Department

of Environmental Quality began investigating Parkway Apartments, 210 N.

Beglis Parkway,

earlier this week after Mayor Chris Duncan received a complaint

from a tenant that the complex was surrounded by raw sewage.

Duncan said the tenant informed him that raw sewage had been discharged on the grounds around the complex for about five months.

On Monday, city officials gave the complex management 48 hours to resolve the issue. The situation was not fixed by Thursday

afternoon and the city issued a citation to the complex that will multiply every day that the issue remains.

Residents were notified Friday morning by a notice on their door that if the problem persisted they would be fined, Moore


The notice that tenants received stated

that “each time (management has to) call someone to clean our the

grease traps or

drain line operating costs go up and in-turn will cause rent to

increase. As we continue to find excessive grease in the sewer

lines we will be forced to issue lease violations to all tenants

in the building, which could result in damage charges or

lease termination.”

Moore, who has lived in the complex for almost a year, said she has complained to management several times about the sewage

around the complex, but nothing was ever done about it.

“Every time we would complain they

would say they were going to fix it, but apparently it was never getting

fixed,” she said.

“Sometimes the smell is worse than others, some days it’s terrible

and you can’t walk outside. It’s a health hazard to even

walk outside, and our kids have to find somewhere else to play.”

Moore said since moving into the complex finding a manager on the property has been a problem.

“We have a lot of issues with management ... it’s hard to get maintenance out here,” she said. “It’s gotten to the point where

my husband has to fix things because we can’t get maintenance or management out here.”

Moore said this week is the first week “in a while” that a manager has been on site.

Veronica Allison, District 3 councilwoman, said she’s never received any complaints from Parkway tenants.

“The first I heard about the situation going on out there was when the mayor contacted me about the complaint he got,” she

said. “I went out there with the mayor to check it out and see what was going on out there.”

Allison said she plans to keep watch on that area now and if tenants have any other issues they should contact her immediately

so city officials can take action.

The DEQ’s investigation is ongoing.

Attempts to contact the property manager were unsuccessful.