Sulphur aiming for state cleanest city title

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

In coming weeks, judges will once again make their way through Sulphur to determine if it’s the cleanest in the state.

Sulphur is competing for the state cleanest city title after winning the District 7 contest for its population size.

The score sheet includes the cleanliness of park and recreation areas, businesses, streets and sidewalks, municipal buildings,

churches and vacant lots.

Mayor Chris Duncan said contest judges are looking for well-kept lawns and have an eye for spotting litter.

“Residents can do their part by making sure their yards are clean,” he said. “They can make sure their lawns are mowed ...

and any litter is picked up.”

Duncan said the city has done “everything in our power” to make sure Sulphur is up to par.

“We’ve done everything we can to get businesses and property owners to make sure the city is as well-manicured as possible,”

he said. “Our crews have been working to make sure everything looks as good.”

Duncan said the city learned last year that cigarette butts can take a toll on points.

When the judges visited in March, Duncan said they even looked at cemeteries to make sure they were clean.

“They are looking for overall

cleanliness, as well as are people taking pride in their property,” he

said. “I encourage residents

to show their Sulphur pride and put our best foot forward to make

sure our city looks good.”