Sulphur City Council wants more information on proposed RV park

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

SULPHUR — The City Council voted 4-1 Monday to accept a petition to annex land at the southeast corner of Beglis Parkway and

the Interstate 10 interchange for an RV park, but put off accepting the park plans until the Council and nearby residents

have more information on the issue.

Arlene Blanchard, city clerk, said the petition shows who the true property owners and petitioners are.

Councilman Mike Koonce voted against accepting the petition to annex claiming that neither Council members nor nearby residents have

enough information about plans for the park.

Several Council members said final plans for the RV park weren’t submitted to the city for review until 3 p.m. Monday — two

hours before the meeting.

Jones-Boyer LLC, John B. Scofield, Diane Denison and Redd Family LLC are petitioning to have the property annexed for an

RV park.

“We would like to be annexed under the

assumption that it’s going to be an RV park ... we feel the best use for

this property

is an RV park,” Matt Redd of Redd Family LLC., told the Council

Monday night. “The idea is simply after this boom is over, it’s

still a great location for an RV park. There are RV parks up and

down the Interstate from Houston to New Orleans.”

The Council agreed to delay approving an ordinance that would enlarge and extend the city’s boundaries for annexation following

residents concerns over lack of information about the park.

Tony Scarpulla, a homeowner about a block from the site, said he doesn’t have any information to make a decision on whether

he is against the park or not.

“How do you complain about something

when you don’t know what there is," Scarpulla said. "We don’t have anything in front

of us to complain

about. I’m not here to say I don’t want that there ...

but I don’t know what it’s going to be. I don’t know how

it will be managed, what it’s going to look like, is it going to

be run down after this boom where anyone will be let in there.

We don’t know none of this.”

Scarpulla said he isn’t opposed to the RV park, but he has several questions he would like to see answered before the project

is executed — like whether or not the park will drive his property value down.

“We’re in a small restricted subdivision with only four homeowners and we all built nice houses,” he said. “We don’t have

any information like this.”

Scarpulla’s wife, Rhonda, expressed concerns over traffic congestion on Beglis Parkway with the addition of an RV park.

Homeowner Eric Upton echoed Scarpulla’s concerns about traffic issues.

Redd agreed to sit down with the four homeowners in the area to answer their questions and to go over the plans for the park

before the issue goes back before the Council.