Consolata Cemetery hosts Stations of the Cross

By By Kara Carrier / American Press

Nelson Fontenot says that everyone needs a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made, especially now that it’s only a week

away from Easter Sunday. Fontenot and his wife, Rosalyn, found that reminder, along with hundreds of other people, during

the live Stations of the Cross on Palm Sunday at Consolata Cemetery.

Fifty volunteer actors depicted the 14 stations and reflected on the chief scenes of Christ’s suffering and death. “It was

a really touching experience,” Fontenot said.

Gayle Marshall, cemetery director, said that the actors practiced for four weeks to get ready for Sunday’s live drama. “It

took lots of time and effort, and they worked really hard,” Marshall said. “But it was worth it.”

Marshall said the event used to be held annually but was discontinued until last year. “We started it up again and we had

a big turnout,” he said. “It looks like we have even more this year.”

Julia DeLoach was one of last year’s attendees and said she just had to come back again. “I was very intrigued last year,”

DeLoach said. “This is live. You get to see what they do. It’s a spiritual experience for me.”

Marie Prejean said she came not only to

support her daughter and son-in-law who were cast members but also to

also reflect

on the gift Jesus Christ gave to mankind. “It’s important for

people to come out and witness the Passion of the Christ live,”

Prejean said. “It gives more of a realistic approach to it versus

just the readings we have had in the last week. It makes

it more real for us.”

Heather Kingsbury said the event was a

family affair. Kingsbury came with 13 other members of her family,

including her 7-year-old

daughter, Marissa.

“I just think this will visualize it

for her and make it easier for her to understand at her age,” Kingsbury

said. “She absolutely

needs to understand that Jesus died for us.”

Kingsbury said this was her and her daughter’s first live viewing of the Stations of the Cross. “We will definitely have a

family discussion about what we saw on the way home,” she said.