State police to hold strong to 'no refusal' policy

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — This holiday weekend, there will be an increased police presence on the roads, and state troopers say they'll

abide by a "no refusal" policy that takes DWI enforcement to a whole new level.

In the past, a driver arrested on suspicion

of driving drunk could refuse a breath, urine or blood test. Trooper

Melissa Matey

tells WVUE-TV that under "no refusal," if

a driver refuses a chemical test once arrested for a DWI,

that trooper can get a search warrant for a motorist's blood.

While it may seem like an invasion of privacy, the courts have ruled it constitutional in Louisiana.

According to Louisiana State Police, of the more than the 700 people killed in fatality accidents in Louisiana this year,

40 percent of them were alcohol related.