Sportsmen take aim at hunger to benefit Abraham’s Tent

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Cars were lined up outside of Gordon’s Drug Store Sunday afternoon for “Clean Out the Freezer and Pantry Day” — an annual

event put on by the area Sportsmen for the Hungry Organization to benefit Abraham’s Tent.

Henry Chol, of Lake Charles, donated ducks, geese, fish and numerous pantry items.

“I have an over abundance at the end of the year, and I’m happy to give to Abraham’s Tent,” Chol said. “Let somebody else

have it that really needs it. I plan on filling it back up again.”

Sally Foret started the annual event 12 years ago with her late husband, Dr. John Foret, and continued the effort after his

death in 2003.

“We all want to continue in his name,” Sally said. “He was a hunter and fisherman. He was a conservationist, too. He loved

the sport, but he didn’t want to see waste.”

She said the food donated will be used to make gumbo and stews and can be used for months.

Dr. Foret’s nephew, Jonathan Foret, said donations have increased throughout the years.

“We thought this was a really good time

at the beginning of the season when everyone wants to clean out their

freezers and

donate meat from their previous season to give to Abraham’s Tent,”

he said. “We started off with a relatively small gathering

but it has really grown a lot.”

Dr. Foret’s son, Ryan Foret, said donations included deer meat and deer sausage, fish, ducks, geese, pork, frozen turkeys,

and dry goods as well.

“The meat is more expensive, so it has

been nice that we can get hunters and fishermen to donate their protein

to furnish

healthy meals for Abraham’s Tent,” Ryan said. “This year has been

the strongest yet. I think we build every year and the word

gets out. We have a lot of repeat customers and people that are

expecting to give a percentage.”

Pattie White, of Lake Charles, dropped

off a turkey, rice and seafood. “I knew John Foret and just absolutely

loved him and his wife and I’m just happy to be apart of it,” White